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The Internet had been a fad because of QR codes way back in 1998. But what is a QR code? QR code is a two-dimensional code that can only be read by specific camera phones and dedicated QR barcode readers. The code can be a text, a URL, or any other data. Do you have a Smartphone of your own? Figure out if it’s in the list of supported Smartphone that read QR codes and you sure will get a lot of fun with reading the codes.

But what can you get with having a Smartphone that can read QR codes? Well, the cool thing about QR codes is that it can go on a billboard and jumbo sized across a coffee counter. If you have a supported Smartphone, then you can get a coupon, a discount and cool free gift or maybe get directed to a site.

Offline marketing and advertising is about to explode and the easy and fast way for this is through what is called QR code technology. This is the reason why phone companies are giving away Smartphone’s just to take advantage of the upcoming mobile market boom.